High-quality maintenance carried by Gostol TST servicers keep shot blasting machines in good operating condition. If you choose Gostol TST you will get reliable partner for maintenance and after-sales service.


You can choose among following services:

Installation and training of your staff

We offer you installation of shot blasting machine and professional training how to operate with the machine.

Preventive check

It is recommended to have preventive check of your shot blasting machine every 800 working hours. This will prolong lifespan of your machine and will prevent potential production halt. In the preventive check we correct some smaller failures and give you a prosposal which spare parts need to be replaced.


If you will maintain your machine as it is suggested, then your machine should work perfectly. Our fitters will provide you reliable and professional service.

Professional advice

If you need to solve some problem or want to improve operation of your machine don't hesitate to call us. Our engineers will prepare you proper solution that will solve your problems.

Contact person:

Aditya Ural, Sales Manager
T: +91-80-50560011
M: +91-7338188405
E: aditya.ural@gostol-in.net