Family ir sm@rt got a new member
Family ir sm@rt got a new member

Family ir sm@rt got a new member

We want to offer our customers the most and the best, that's why we decided to make a radical change of the valve that, regulates the flow of abrasive into the wheel.

When designing the valve we had in mind mainly following requirements:

* To make modular design which will cover both previous   versions.

* Wear parts are made from wear-resistant materials.

* Possible upgrade from ON/OFF valve to ir sm@rt valve.

* Faster response.

* Dimension suitability.

* Cost-effective solution.


According to all the facts listed above we developed 3 versions of ir valves:

1. ir valve ON / OFF

Manually (ON/OFF) controled loads the wheel when machine starts working process, and the mass flow is set with a screw. The ir valve ON/OFF substitutes old pneumatic closure, it is easy to replace it and it has the possibility to be upgrated on semi or full automatic (ir sm@rt valve) version. Very good repeatability, it´s quiet operation, wearing parts made out of wear-restistant materials and it´s better prices than old solutions are the advantages ir valve ON / OFF offers. 


2. ir valve ON / OFF with remote control of mass flow

The semi-automatic solution gives the user the possibility to change flow rates by switches. With better price and full of other advantages such as very good repeatability, quiet opertaion, wearing parts of wear-resistant material, it substitutes the old pneumatic closure and complements operation. It enables the remote setting of mass flow by using buttons. The installation is independently from a PLC, which gives the possibility to mount it on machines without PLC as also to be upgraded to full automatic version (ir sm@rt valve). The semi-automatic solution is an economical solution which offers a simple adjustment of mass flow.


3. ir sm@rt valve

The automatic solution (ir sm@rt valve), where linear actuator is driven by PLC, which works with all shots, has numerous control options, the sm@rt initialization can be carried out by fitter or buyer. Sm@rt regulation ensures accurate and stable control of mass flow. Consistent wheel motor loadings ensure that shot intensity is the same day after day. With many other advantages such as precise flow adjustments with low response time (up to 3 sek.), quiet operation, wearing parts of wear-resistant material the ir sm@rt valve substitutes the old automatic valve and offers much better economical solution with better price than Magna valve.


All three of our ir valves, are made out of high quality wear-resistant material, which assures us long lifetime. With numeros advantages versus others, the upgrade possibility from ir valve on/off to semi or full automatic ir sm@rt valve, which is the high-light off all, we achieved that is, like all members of our ir sm@rt family, positioned high in the circle off most reliable and technologically advanced equipments in blasting and peening industry.