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Shot peening machine VZ is specially designed for shot peening of various types of springs. Shot peening is a cold working process used to increases durability of work pieces. This is recommended for parts, which are exposed to high alternative bending or torsion tensions. Depending on which type of springs (leaf springs or coil springs) will be processed there are two types of shot peening machine.

Work pieces move through the shot peening machine on a special transporters. According to customer's requirements we set appropriate number of blasting wheel with frequency converters to set the outlet speed of abrasive. This provides adequate shot peening intensity of workpieces surface.

Main features of VZ shot peening machine:

  • Shot peening of springs increases permanently dynamic hardness of springs.
  • Automatic change of the distance between the rollers in the machine enables processing of wide range of springs.
  • Possible to shotpeen heavy cylindrical coils spring.
  • Each coil spring is treated individually.
  • Shot peening parameters can be set from operator's panel.

All shot peening machines produced by Gostol India are designed in EU and manufactured in Bangalore, India. Gostol India is a subsidiary of Gostol TST, which is a world known producer of shot blasting machines. You can check all the references here.

Gostol India shot blasting machines can have installed ir sm@rt wheels and ir sm@rt valves.

ir sm@rt wheel has sensors to control and predict the wear of the wheel, to control the state of the wheel, to plan when spare parts need to changed and to reduce the amount spare parts for user.

ir sm@rt valve is characterized by following features: easy replacement of old pneumatic valve, wearing parts are made from wear-resistant material, good price, quiet operation, very good repeatability, sm@rt initialization and sm@rt regulation.

Technical data

Machine type VZ
Maximal outer diameter of springs (mm) 450
Minimal diameter of springs (mm) 100
Maximal length of springs (mm) 1600
Minimal length of springs (mm) 150
Maximal weight of spring (kg) 350
Maximal load to rollers (kg) 1050
Number of wheels PEP 2
Wheel motor power (kW) 37
Shot throwing grid 430 kg/min x 2 = 860 kg /min
Average shot velocity (m/s) 90
Working width – opening (mm) Ø 500
Conveyor speed (m/min) 1.5 – 10.0
Arc height specification on Alemen »A« 0.4
Ventilation requirment (m3/h) 9600
Electric power supply 380 V / 50 Hz
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