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It is used for blasting / peening
Application: clean light / medium / heavy / foundry
Control: PLC
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Medium delivery time
ir wheel with all options
Low costs
High manufacturing quality


Tumble blast machine with rubber belt is designed to process mass-produced parts in batches. Parts can be ferrous and non-ferrous castings, forgings and heat treated parts.This type of machine is ideal for decoring, descaling, deflashing, deburring, and shot peening parts. Tumble blast machines are available in five different sizes, and can accept single load from 65 kg (42 l) to 1,000 kg (500 l). The endless belt is made of rubber. During the blasting process treated objects turn and roll, which causes quality blasting of the whole surface of work pieces.

Tumble blast machine can be equipped with hydraulic loader and can be integrated to a fully automatic process. To empty the blasting machine, the belt rotation is switched in the opposite direction turning mode. Work pieces fall onto vibratory or belt conveyor and are transported to the next operation. Blasting machine’s housing is protected by wear-resistant manganese steel liners. Tumble belt machine can be equipped with variable frequency drive for the blasting wheels.

Tumble blast machines are high efficient as they have efficient blasting wheels and abrasive handling and reclamations system for continued returning and cleaning of abrasive.

All shot blasting machines produced by Gostol India are designed in EU and manufactured in Bangalore, India. Gostol India is a subsidiary of Gostol TST, which is a world known producer of shot blasting machines. You can check all the references here.

Gostol India shot blasting machines can have installed ir sm@rt wheels and ir sm@rt valves.

ir sm@rt wheel has sensors to control and predict the wear of the wheel, to control the state of the wheel, to plan when spare parts need to changed and to reduce the amount spare parts for user.

ir sm@rt valve is characterized by following features: easy replacement of old pneumatic valve, wearing parts are made from wear-resistant material, good price, quiet operation, very good repeatability, sm@rt initialization and sm@rt regulation.

Technical data

Machine type GG.40* GG-80 GG.150F GG-150/15 GG-300 GG-500
Charging volume (l) 42 80 150 150 300 500
Max. recommended charging weight (kg) 65 100 300 300 600 1000
Max. recommended piece weight (kg) 6 6 12 12 15 20
Width of shotblasting chamber (mm) 600 700 850 850 1100 1100
Diameter of shotblasting chamber (mm) 500 600 750 750 930 1210
Total installed power (kW) 4.9 8.2 14 21.5 18.5 24
Diameter of throwing wheel (mm) 300 300 380 380 380 380
Power of abrasive throwing wheels (kW) 3 5.5 7.5 15 15 18.5
Machine weight (kg) 1190 1550 2850 2850 7000 9500
Weight of the loader (kg) / / 750 750 1500 2500
Air requirements (m3/h) 800 1000 2000 2600 3500 5000
Compressed air connection (inch) 1 + 1/4 1 + 1/4 3/8 3/8 3/8 3/8
Max. height (mm) 2900 3500 3970 3970 4700 5130
Max. width (mm) 1580 1460 1745 1745 3200 3475
Max. length (mm) 1400 2000 3340 3340 4300 4500
Width of the loader (mm) / / 1300 1300 1720 1720
Machine length (mm) / / 1100 1110 1390 1635
Distance between loader and machine (mm) / / 1135 1135 1430 1430
Capacity of the machine (kg/h)** 168 320 600 600 1200 2000

* Machine with cartridge dust collector

** Capacity of four blasting cycles per hour and product density for 1000 kg / m3 of material

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Dust collector
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4.Other environment condition for machine and installation
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